profile picJessica Camp, LPC, NCC

It is my hope to create an authentic and accepting environment for clients to explore and express limiting beliefs, behaviors and experiences impeding personal growth. My approach is catered to each individual guiding them successfully through life’s challenges. I have 15 years’ experience assisting individuals with difficult transitions and emotional hindrances. My practice focus includes anxiety, depression, and life transitions and coaching.(Both locations)



Me-2012-2013 Jenny Casteel, LPC

I focus on providing a goal-oriented therapeutic experience for adolescents and young adults. I have 11 years of experience working in multiple settings and am aware of the difficulties today’s young people face. During sessions together, we will set goals and develop an atmosphere of trust, in which the client will openly discuss their thoughts and feelings. I also believe input from parents is crucial to the therapeutic process. If you or your adolescent is experiencing anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, behavior problems, learning disabilities, or other struggles, I can help. (Johns Creek)


staci picStaci Bullard, LAPC

As a clinically trained therapist, it is my desire to provide my clients with the best possible counseling experience and to help them grow and mature through life’s difficult situations. I believe that the goals of therapy are unique for each person, and counseling occurs at a pace determined by the client. I provide psychotherapy for individuals dealing with a variety of disorders, relationship issues, life changes and addictive behaviors. As a therapist, I provide a space where individuals can discover the strength as they face difficult choices on their journey of growth. (Johns Creek)


Counseling profile picture Dr. Erik Schmitt,  LPC,  NCC

My goal as a counselor is to encourage and promote healthy families and empower individuals to find purpose and direction in their lives. My clients and I will work together to develop a set of goals and game plan for being successful. Through my nine years working with children, adolescents, couples, and families, and subsequent PhD training, I have experience navigating a variety of issues. These include: anxiety, depression, attention concerns, and family and couples’ dynamics. Through a holistic counseling approach, I will help clients become their best self by promoting the healing, development, and integration of all aspects of one’s life.(Both locations)

pic Amanda Reedinger, LPC

As a therapist I am committed to assisting people who have experienced traumatic life events. My goal is to guide clients during life’s storms, to be a springboard that assists in propelling them toward a fuller, more meaningful life of their choosing. I trust my clients’ strengths and abilities to become their greatest selves through discovery of their innate self-worth. I embrace and value the uniqueness and individuality of my clients and strive to be an advocate for all. I specialize in working with individuals overcoming trauma. I look forward to assisting you in your journey to peace.(Cumming)


10407052_10205842753697267_4655481989034911923_nVedrana Casteel, MSW

My practice is based on an empathetic, fun, non-judgmental, and motivating style. I will be the support role in your transformation process. By building trust and encouraging honesty and a friendly environment, we will reach your goals and build your inner resources. Working together, I will guide you to reach your own strength and competencies. I am bilingual (Croatian and English), and will provide a safe outlet for you to be heard, and I will work with you to help you find resolution and peace. I work with children, adolescents, and adults who suffer from depression, anxiety, relationship and family issues, and emotional and behavioral concerns to achieve resolution and peace in their lives.(Johns Creek)


Jessica Carroll, LAPC

I believe that people not only want to be heard, they want to feel understood as well. This is how I approach working with others. My style is warm, collaborative, direct, and down to earth. I encourage those I work with to develop a sense of meaning and fulfillment in response to life’s struggles. I have experience working with individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, grief and loss, chronic illness, and issues around identity. Additionally, my background includes working with college students experiencing high levels of stress, career indecision, and growth toward independence. I fully welcome members of the LGBTQIA+ community.(Johns Creek)

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”When you take an unusual action, or do something outside of your usual M.O., you can spark a total change in your reality and living situation. Be willing to do something differently than how you have done things before. Be open to new intuitions and inner signals. Feed yourself with books, talks, and new ideas that lead to new Actions that you have not thought of before. Newness and Spontaneity are key to inner and outer transformation.” ~Michael Alperstein